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About Us

Discover the “Creator of the heavens and the earth” through a variety of religious art and inspirational products from From God 2-U, based in Okemos, Michigan. This site was created to be of good service. We honorably serve our Heavenly Creator and willingly dedicate our lives to serving Him and spreading the teachings of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. All products were entrusted to us by God the Father, and remain the sole property of Him. Thank you for taking the time to visit God’s website.

Our Soul Purpose:
Spread God’s Word, Enlighten, Inspire, Uplift, & Edify His Children

Our Mission:
Do Whatever Needs to Be Done; while Maintaining God’s Will & Working within the Confines of His Laws to Help Establish His Kingdom on Earth

Lifting Others Up
Our goal is to be of good benefit to others and hopefully initiate change their lives. Each of us was placed on this earth to be of Good Benefit to one another. However, we live in a world that only says “take, take, take.” This site was created to give back to both the Creator and His children. It is better to uplift and encourage, than tear down and discourage. Never pass up an opportunity to be a Blessing to others. As you bless others, so to shall you be blessed.

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